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The pros and cons of a running date

When it comes to first dates, should you go for a run?

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Most runners have been on a running date. Whether you’re partner is a runner or not, chances are you’ve dragged them out at least a handful of times to accompany you for your morning miles. 

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Our question is, is a running date a good idea? So we’re clear, we’re referring to first dates here. Once you’re together, basically anything can be called a date. But when it comes to first dates, should you go for a run?


You’re both really into running and are bonding over a mutual love. Maybe you’re not necessarily at the same skill level, but at least you both enjoy running. 

You get to explore new places together. Chances are both runners don’t run the exact same routes all of the time. Every runner has their ‘secret’ spots. A run is a great way to see something new, and show someone a cool spot they didn’t know about. 

It’s more interesting than the usual, “dinner and a movie”. A run date is a non-traditional date idea. This can show some creativity, and interest in doing something that you both love. 

Also, if the date ends up going poorly, run away. You’re a good runner, so if your running date is going badly, it’s an easy exit. 



One party has lied about their love of running because they’re aware that the second party is really into it. How hard can it be? This is where a run date can go south, someone has told a little fib about their running ability and a little fib turns into, “this is so hard I can’t possibly take another step.”

A bathroom emergency. Every runner knows that a bathroom emergency is a possibility on a run. And that’s not necessarily a side that you’re interested in showing right off the bat. 

Pace. If you’re at drastically different skill levels, or someone isn’t being honest about their skill level, pace can become an issue. If you’re running so fast you can’t speak, it kind of defeats the purpose. 

It’s difficult to follow up with a drink or a meal, because you’re both feeling a little sweaty. If you’ve had a great run, and want to keep hanging out, it’s tricky post-workout. Unless you’ve made specific plans to continue the date after, and planned accordingly, the date is likely over at the end of the run. There isn’t much room for spontaneity.