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Joggling world record broken by BU student

Zach Prescott of Boston University breaks joggling world record

Joggling is the sport of juggling while running. It’s a feat that few runners are able to accomplish. But Zach Prescott of Boston University was successful in his attempt last Tuesday to break the joggling world record. Prescott ran a 4:43.20 mile while juggling to break the previous mile-joggling record of 4:43.80. He cut it close, only beating the previous record by 0.6 seconds. 

Breaking the joggling world record isn’t an easy task. It requires the participant to be both a strong runner and juggler. Prescott’s mark in the mile, without even considering the juggling portion, is a fast time. Prescott is a track and cross-country runner for Boston University and reportedly has a history of juggling, first learning to juggle at summer camp. 

Prescott reportedly contacted The Guinness Book of World Records before his attempt to ensure that the record would count if he was successful. On his first attempt he broke the 32 year old record. Prescott gathered two timers, two witnesses and took two videos to submit to the committee. His attempt is currently under review. 

This is a big accomplishment for the BU junior, but the mile isn’t the only joggling world record distance. Michal Kapral of Toronto holds the world record for joggling over the marathon distance. Kapral’s world record is 2:50:12. The Canadian can be seen training on various tracks and trails throughout the city. Kapral’s record is from the Chicago Marathon. Moving up to the marathon distance is an option for Prescott if he continues joggling.