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Kawauchi wins 71K ultra in Japan, smashes course record

2018 Boston winner finishes road ultra more than 30 minutes ahead of second-place finisher

Yuki Kawauchi

Japan’s Yuki Kawauchi, winner of this year’s Boston Marathon, won the Yatsugatake Nobeyama 71K ultramarathon in Nagano yesterday, taking more than six minutes off the course record in the process, and putting more than half an hour between himself and the second-place finisher. 

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Kawauchi’s time was 4:41:55. 

Yuki Kawauchi
Photo: @CGreeny_11/Twitter,

According to Japan Running News, Kawauchi is training for the Stockholm marathon, which is June 2, and where he finished in sixth place last year.

The site also claims yesterday’s ultra was the longest race of Kawauchi’s career so far.

Kawauchi is famously unusual in his incorporation of “ultra long-distance jogging” (over-distance training at a slow pace) into his training, something few world-major elites do. Some believe it’s his secret weapon, though others are skeptical of its value in marathon training.

A week after his Boston win, Kawauchi competed in the Gifu Seiryu Half-Marathon in Japan, though his 14th-place finish would suggest that he approached it as something of a recovery run.