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Kim Jong-un impersonator spotted at the Rio Olympics

A Kim Jong-un impersonator has been getting lots of attention after making appearances at the Olympic stadium and at the women's marathon.

Kim Jong-un

It first appeared that the Rio 2016 Olympics had an unexpected guest at the evening session of athletics on Thursday. However, the man who appeared to be Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, was an impersonator who made his way onto television waiving the controversial nation’s flag.

Not only did the lookalike take in the Thursday action, he has been spotted at other athletics events during the Olympic Games including the women’s marathon.

Can you spot him?

The impersonator was taking in the action on Thursday evening at the Olympic stadium in Rio, highlighted by the men’s 200m featuring Usain Bolt. The look-a-like wore a black two-piece army suit and a similar haircut to that of North Korea’s leader.

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The country has had representatives at every Olympic Games since 1972, less the 1984 and 1988 Games that were boycotted. North Korea is well-known for its citizens having little to no contact with the world outside of its borders and the government’s lack of relationship with other nations.

It also appears that the impersonator congratulated men’s 800m fourth-place finisher Pierre-Ambroise Bosse of France. The man has an Instagram account named “Kim Jong-un Lookalike” with a profile description stating “the first professional Kim Jongun lookalike in the world.” A Facebook page in his name has more than 3,000 likes.

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Congratulating the French athlete

North Korea sent four athletes to compete in athletics events at the Rio Olympics. All four are in the marathon including three women.

The women’s marathon took place last Sunday as two twins, Kim Hye-Gyong and Kim Hye-Song, were the nation’s top finishers in 10th and 11th. The men’s marathon will be Aug. 21, the final day of the Rio Olympics.

The impersonator was present at the women’s marathon last weekend and posted photos on Facebook and Instagram to prove it.