Kim Jong-un’s bodyguards are some of the fittest in the business. The North Korean leader’s car was surrounded by running body guards while at a summit with American President Donald Trump in Singapore. 

Jong-un is reportedly fearful that he might be targeted by an assassin while in Singapore. 

The suit-clad team has been code-named Central Party Office #6 and was chosen from the Korean People’s Army. The guards are hand-picked for both their fighting skills and height. They must be shorter than Jong-un, who is roughly five foot five inches. 

The bodyguards move in choreographed formation around Jong-un’s car. Their pace is controlled by the motorcycles that surround them. 

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The bodyguards first made an appearance in April when they were spotted during the Peace Summit in South Korea. 

Trump and the North Korean leader will meet at the Capella Hotel on the island of Sentosa on Tuesday to discuss North Korea’s nuclear weapon program. 

Trump arrived in Singapore from the 44th G7 Summit, which took place June 8th to 9th in La Malbaie, Quebec. 

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