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Kipchoge’s “drinks guy” from the Berlin Marathon gains Internet fame

Claus-Henning Schulke is a 52-year-old amateur triathlete who just loves running

On Sunday, Eliud Kipchoge broke the world record at the Berlin Marathon, running 2:01:39. Kipchoge’s performance raised the running bar to almost unimaginable heights. During Kipchoge’s run, he received several bottles along the course to refuel and rehydrate. 

The volunteer passing Kipchoge his bottle was one of the most enthusiastic feeders ever seen. Jonathan Gault of Let’s Run tweeted a video of the “drinks guy” that went viral. Everyone loved the volunteer’s passion and enthusiasm for the small part he played in something much bigger. 

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Turns out that the drinks guy’s name is Claus-Henning Schulke. He’s a 52-year-old amateur triathlete who reportedly works as a project manager.

Let’s Run did an interview with Schulke on Monday. The full article can be found here. What’s clear from the interview is that Schulke is very devoted to helping the athletes in whatever way he can. “I wanted to be a part of his record. And if anything failed, it would be horrible for me, because it could be my fault that he could not do his best. So I was really always excited and happy that it worked properly. And he is also a really nice guy and I wanted to help him to do his best. He should focus on the running, and I wanted to do the best to support him in this.”

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Canadian physiologist Trent Stellingwerff points out Kipchoge’s high carbohydrate intake during his world-record run. Stellingwerff said on Twitter that from a sport scientist’s point of view, the fact that Kipchoge took bottles every 2.5 kilometres to maximize fluid and carbohydrate intake is very interesting. There were 13 drink stations, and Schulke says that Kipchoge stopped at each. 

While exact concentrations are unknown, it’s likely the Kipchoge was refueling with Maurten along the way. Maurten is a hydrogel sports drink used to refuel during races and training.