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Lane 6, version 2, week 4: going the distance

The kids worked on their endurance to help them prepare for their final track meet in three weeks' time

Lane 6 week four was all about middle distance running. The longer distances aren’t typically what really get a young runner excited, so we decided to incorporate games and relay races into the workouts to show our Lane 6 athletes that distance running can be really fun.

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Week four finally brought some fantastic weather, and this allowed the kids to really showcase their talents. Most of the kids had been enjoying the short distances, so this week really pushed their minds and bodies.

Coach Britt implemented a longer distance relay around the park, which required each person in the four-member team (usually two mentors and two mentees) to complete one lap each. In previous weeks, all four members would complete one lap in total, making pacing, competitiveness and mental fortitude a huge part of this workout.

The kids did absolutely fantastic and are really excited for the upcoming track meet. Some kids even seemed like they were coming around to distance running at the end. One of our mentees said, “I don’t like long distance, but my mentor taught me to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth so I don’t get as tired.”

Photo: Aidas Odonelis

The younger group played a game of Ketchup, Mustard, Relish and then went on to do a 4x400m relay. Ketchup, mustard, relish is essentially a fancy version of Duck, Duck, Goose, but the kids really liked it. The 400m relay was a good way to keep the kids engaged while still practising running a longer distance.

Last week we told the kids about the track meet they will get to participate in at the end of their sessions. The kids will have the opportunity to race each other, race their mentors and get official times that they can mark down as their personal bests. The kids were very excited about the meet and eager to have their parents come watch them run.

Up next for Lane 6? A technical week to focus on learning how to use starting blocks, teach about a transition zone in a relay, and how to tactically run the 100m, 200m and 400m so that they can be ready for their big races.

Special thanks to our main Lane 6 partner Nike. Without their support this amazing program would not be possible.