Week five was all about technique and week six is all about putting the final touches on before our big meet this Thursday. The Lane 6 kids are ready to go following a session of reaction time, block starts and hurdle drills.

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Lots of our participants haven’t ever been to a big stadium, so we wanted to take the opportunity to teach them a bit more about what the event will look and feel like and how they can make the most of race day.

Photo: Adias Odonelis

This week we combined the older and younger groups again to make three groups of roughly 12 people (half mentors and half kids). The groups circled through the three stations, which were: reaction time, block starts and hurdle drills. The kids built on what they learned during week five about starts and transition zones. The next level was to perfect those starts by introducing blocks and working on reaction time. Coach Kate showed the kids how to explode out of their blocks, coach Brit helped the kids learn proper hurdle form and coach Jenn made sure when the starter says, “go,” the kids are on the move.

Photo: Adias Odonelis

The meet is happening this week at Varsity Stadium. The kids will get to run on a Mondo track and receive official times like they would at any big track meet. We’ve got prizes, medals, a podium and numbers–everything required for an official track meet. There will also be a relay where we’re teaming up mentors and kids to see who belongs to the fastest squad on the block. There’s already been some smack talk. Events get underway on Thursday, June 6 at 4:30 p.m. If you’re a parent or loved one of a Lane 6 participant, feel free to drop by Varsity Stadium to see your favourite young runner compete. All event info here.

As always, a special thanks to our main Lane 6 partner, Nike. Without their support this amazing program would not be possible.