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Learning the difference between PB and PR

PB versus PR, it's essentially metric versus imperial. One is Canadian, one is American. And you have to pick a side

There are two types of runners. Those who refer to the best time they’ve ever run in their life over a specific distance as a personal best (PB) and those who refer to the same thing as a personal record (PR). These two groups are usually distinguished by nationality. 

In our experience, Canadians refer to their best time as a PB, while Americans stick to PR. But here’s the problem. Lots of Canadians run in America, and while some are down there fighting the good fight against the personal record sayers, some have converted. Below is a list of Canadians who train in America. Some have remained PB loyal and some have converted. 

Rory Linkletter – loyal

Not only is Linkletter loyal, he’s spreading the word about the Canadian way. 

Charlotte Prouse – converted 

Prouse ran a great race in December, narrowly missing the Canadian indoor 5K record that Gabriela Stafford later snagged. Below is evidence of her calling her new 5K time a PR. 


Ashley Taylor – loyal

Taylor clearly calls her 2018 indoor best time a personal best. Well done. 

Ben Flanagan – undecided

Flanagan never explicitly uses the term PR, but a commenter does and Flanagan doesn’t correct him. Either he’s super polite, or he’s team PR. To be determined. 

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Racing in LA with some Cheboys #goblue

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Sage Watson – loyal

Even though she’s been living and training in America for a number of years, Watson has remained a personal best user. 

Kinsey Middleton – loyal

She’s a dual citizen and she still uses PB. 

Brandon McBride – loyal

Canadian 800m record holder Brandon McBride, a PB man.