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LeBron James is a track and field fan

Basketball star LeBron James attended ISTAF Berlin on Sunday

Lebron James


Basketball star LeBron James attended ISTAF Berlin on Sunday. The NBA player was attending the meet to present Olympic discus Champion Robert Harting with a Lakers jersey during his last-ever competition. 

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Harting will retire today after competing in the stadium that where he won the first hat-trick of the IAAF World Championships. LeBron was reportedly in town for a few meetings and to host a streetball tournament in East Berlin. 

LeBron was placed in the VIP stands for optimal viewing. On the schedule for meet on Sunday were the women’s 100m and 100m hurdles, women’s 3,000m steeplechase, men’s 100m and 4x100m relays. 

This isn’t LeBron’s first appearance in track and field news. Last year, Malcolm Gladwell challenged James to a mile race. Gladwell tweeted this suggestion on a Wednesday afternoon. The saga has continued for over a year, and has been picked up by the likes of Citius Magazine, Bowerman Track Club and LeBron himself. 

The race still hasn’t happened, but maybe he picked up a few pointers while watching the meet.