How to put on leggings

Is this how you put on your leggings? Leggings goals! Perfect workout.

Posted by Wild & Roaming on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If you’ve been running much this past winter, chances are you’ve had to put on tights at least a few times in an effort to properly dress for the Canadian climate. Probably in a traditional, one-leg-at-a-time way too.

The guy in the above video, however, has a less traditional way of putting on a pair of pants.

In a hands-free manner, along with some strange and awkward movements that resemble a dance routine, he manages regardless. Feel free to crank the volume if you want some motivational music while marvelling at what this person can do.

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It only takes him about 20 seconds to go from no-tights to full tights. For runners who wear compression socks or tights, that’s about the same amount of time it would take to put them on normally. Sometimes, similar awkward movement entails if they’re being a pain.

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Since being published, the video has been seen by more than nine million people. Wild & Roaming, a company that designs tights with colourful designs, posted the video on Feb. 23.

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