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Log miles on Strava to help Adidas clean up the oceans

If you're going for the run in the next few days, you can help Adidas clean up our oceans

Adidas Parley for the Oceans

Since 2017, Adidas and Parley’s Run for the Oceans have brought together millions of runners. This year they’re doing it again. For every 10 minutes of running recorded between May 23 and June 8 via Strava, Adidas and their partner Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle from beaches, islands and coastlines so that those plastics never reach the ocean. 

As pollution levels continue to rise around the world, it’s predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. With that in mind, there has never been a better time to put your kilometres to a good cause. Parley will clean up to 500,000 lbs. of pollution. 

For 2022, Adidas and Parley have also announced the launch of the Adizero x Parley and Ultraboost 22 x Parley. With a carbon footprint of just 3.5 kg per pair, the Adizero x Parley is the first time Adidas has launched a lower footprint concept. From raw material interception to processing and packaging, Adidas calculates and communicates its carbon footprint to its customers.

Adidas Parley for the Oceans
Original adidas x Parley shoes

Katja Schreiber, Adidas’ senior vice president for sustainability said, “Time is against us in the race to help end plastic waste, so we’re pushing harder and with more focus than ever before. Just like how this is an industry-wide problem, it requires industry-wide solutions, because sustainability is a team sport. By uniting our sporting community for this challenge, we can inspire real action against plastic waste by giving people an experience where their actions and way of being active contributes towards cleaning up the ocean.”

So far, participants have cumulatively logged nearly 2.5 million active minutes.  

With 10 days remaining, sign up or get more information, here