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London Marathon to offer edible water bottles on course

Say goodbye to single-use plastic cups and hello to the edible water bottle

Next Sunday’s London Marathon is looking to cut down on waste. The World Major Marathon is going to offer runners Ooho! water packets instead of single-use plastic cups.

Ooho! makes spherical seaweed-based packing that is edible. Their mandate, and the London Marathon’s, is to cut down on waste and work to eliminate single-use plastic cups. The Telegraph reports that the marathon is bringing in around 30,000 liquid capsules to offer on the course.

If you’re not interested in eating the pouch whole, you can bite into the pouch and drink the water that way, discarding the biodegradable case when you’re done.

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The pouch was created by British start up Skipping Rocks Lab. The company says, “The consumption of non-renewable resources for single use bottles and the amount of waste generated is profoundly unsustainable. The aim of Ooho is to provide the convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental impact.”

This isn’t the first race that has adopted the use of the biodegradable pouch, the Harrow Half-Marathon used them in 2018, and one runner told the BBC that they’re the perfect amount of water to consume during the race.

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