A mother from Sayville, Long Island, has started a petition to change the cross-country uniforms worn by her daughter’s high school team. 

Karen Gaconnier’s daughter is in her first year on the team and as such, the mother just recently experienced her first meet. When she saw the uniforms worn by the team, she was not happy and took to Facebook to post her frustrations.  

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She says the brief-style bottoms worn by the athletes look too much like underwear for the girls to be wearing them in competition. In response to the uniforms, she started an online petition, Ban the Brief, asking the school to change the athlete kit and not offer the briefs as an option. 

The issue was first reported by a Long Island news outlet,  where Gaconnier is quoted saying she has a problem with the fact that the briefs would be against the dress code during class hours but were part of the uniform for competing at meets.

“We, the undersigned, believe that uniforms must cover undergarments, not be the undergarments. We want the option of choosing “hiny huggers” or briefs to be disallowed as uniform options in schools for female non-aquatic sports,” she wrote in her petition. 

In response to the outrage, the superintendent has said that the uniform has been approved by the state’s public school athletic association and that students also have the option of wearing shorts that run across the thigh. Many of the athletes in the county opt for the shorter briefs.  

The letter released by the school in response to parent complaints read (in part): “The goal in Sayville School District’s athletic program is to empower our student athletes with the confidence they need to do their personal best in their respective sports. The voice in the choice of uniforms contributes to this confidence. We will continue to monitor the opinions and concerns of our athletes and their parents with regard to the choice of uniform as we move forward on this issue.”

At the time of reporting, 1,157 people had signed Gaconnier’s petition. The full petition is here

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  • Susan Mills says:

    If that is what is comfortable for the athletes and what olympians wear, what is the issue? Why is it acceptable for swimwear but not running?

  • Sharon Small says:

    This is the norm for running. My daughters run and where booty shorts for every practice and race. However these h they are not allowed to wear except for running. Like bathing suits are for swimming, booty shorts are for running. Check out hat professional female runners wear.

  • FB says:

    I somewhat agree. These are not likely appropriate however some of these decisions need to be left to the parents of the kids involved. I get it, some parents aren’t involved and have no idea what their kids are wearing. That’s their choice, to be involved or not.
    If the school board has made a rule that so-called booty shorts were not appropriate, this article would be the absolute opposite. Someone would be complaining that the board is restricting the child’s right to decide as well as infringing on the parents’ responsibility for their own child.
    Lastly, is this woman certain that this is a good.move on her part.to.be petitioning an article of clothing which high school girls choose to wear? As if high school wasn’t hard enough for teenage girls! This poor girl’s mother has gone to social media to protest! Every girl on this team, every other girls’ team at her school and likely every other girls’ team in the school district with know that her mother is responsible for them not being able to wear their preferred shorts!

    As a parent, it’s tough but my wife has taught me that I can’t be involved in every aspect of my teenage daughter’s life! But if I choose to be, then at best, o can only be involved as responsible for her, not others.

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