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Lululemon acquires Mirror fitness startup for $500 million

The athletic apparel brand has expressed interest and invested in the startup in the past, and now the company is all in on Mirror

Lululemon has acquired Mirror, a home exercise startup, for $500 million. Mirror, which looks like a regular mirror when not in use but transforms into a personal fitness device when turned on, was created in 2018. Since then, the company has raised $72 million from investors, including $1 million from Lululemon last year. The at-home fitness device takes users through a number of workouts, including yoga and boxing classes, while monitoring metrics such as heart rate and calories burned. The company is reportedly expecting to see more than $100 million in revenue in 2020. 

How to use Mirror

The device really looks like any mirror you would hang in your house, and its simple and minimalistic design helps it fit into any room. When in use, it turns whatever room it’s in into a personal fitness studio, with an on-screen instructor taking you through your workout. 

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The Mirror connects to an app on your phone and comes with fitness bands and a Bluetooth heat rate monitor. It can also connect to your Apple Watch to accurately deliver your workout metrics, which will appear at the bottom of the Mirror’s screen so you can track your progress throughout your workout. 

There are many exercises to choose from on the Mirror, including cardio, strength, core and stretching routines. There are even pre and postnatal exercise classes available on the device to take soon-to-be and new mothers through workouts. These routines range from 15 minutes up to an hour long, and they come in different difficulty levels. 

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At-home gyms

Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald tweeted following the acquisition, writing that he’s excited to work with the Mirror team to “further deliver personalized in-home fitness and mindfulness solutions to our guests around the world.” During the pandemic, people everywhere have been forced to work out at home, and many people have said they don’t plan on returning to their gyms once COVID-19 is behind us. With an at-home exercise craze sweeping the globe, now is the perfect time for Lululemon and Mirror to roll out personalized workout products.