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Big names predict mile winner between LeBron James and Malcolm Gladwell

Who do you think would win?

Malcolm Gladwell

Some big names in the sports world have chimed on who would win between LeBron James and Malcolm Gladwell if the two were to race one mile.

The challenge stemmed from a Citius Mag article that examined whether LeBron James would be able to break five minutes for the mile (1,609m). Last week, James, a four-time NBA MVP, posted a video to Instagram showing off his speed and endurance on the basketball court. (Read more about the public call-out here.)

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Then, Malcolm Gladwell tweeted out “I’m dead serious. One mile. Anywhere. Anytime. Me vs LeBron. All proceeds to charity.” Sports Illustrated then created a Twitter poll asking who would win between the two. More than 19,000 people cast an opinion with Gladwell narrowly coming out on top.

James has yet to respond.

See below for what some sports figures think in regards to the hypothetical head-to-head.

Bill Simmons, American sports columnist, CEO of The Ringer

Bill Gurley, venture capitalist

Online sports betting company

The general public

Ian Desmond, Major League Baseball outfielder with the Colorado Rockies


Matt Hasselback, former National Football League quarterback