Massive doping investigation results in 234 arrests

In the largest anti-doping bust in history, authorities uncovered 17 organized crime groups, shut down nine underground labs and seized 24 tonnes of steroid powder

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A huge doping investigation involving WADA, Europol and local police forces in 10 countries has uncovered a vast amount of performance-enhancing substances and resulted in 234 arrests, it was reported yesterday in Sport24.

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A new method of mass spectrometry could detect some drugs previously undetectable.

The raids exposed 17 organized crime groups marketing illegal and counterfeit substances to athletes in Europe, South America and the US, and resulted in the shutting down of nine underground labs in Europe and the seizure of almost 24 tonnes of steroid powder. No athletes were named in the report.

WADA’s head of intelligence and investigations, Gunter Younger, was quoted congratulating all those involved in the successful investigation.

Operation Viribus, as it was named, was co-led by the Italian Carabinieri police and the Greek police. It was the largest anti-doping investigation ever mounted, sources said.

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