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Meet the guy who will hopefully take down Logan Paul

Georgetown runner Spencer Brown will hopefully be the one to put Logan Paul in his place

Back in march YouTuber Logan Paul, who competed in wrestling and football in high school, posted on Instagram offering $20,000 to anyone who could beat him in a race. Olympian 800m runner Nick Symmonds responded, but nothing happened. This week, Paul raised the stakes to $100,000, and announced the charity track and field event will take place at Veterans Memorial Stadium at Long Beach City College in California.


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So far Paul has been tagged in several confirmation vlogs on YouTube with runners claiming to be faster than him, but the response with the most promise comes from Spencer Brown.


Brown is a Georgetown runner with the YouTube account The Athlete Special. Brown has run a sub-4 minute mile, a 1:49 for the 800m and a 3:39 over 1,500m. He’s certainly a good runner and he’s got some serious range. Brown is the calibre of athlete that will likely put Paul in his place, and we’d love to see a few more collegiate and pro athletes come forward and declare interest in the event.

To sweeten the deal, Brown says he’s so confident in his mile-running superiority, he’s going to race the 1,600m in blue jeans so he can break the blue jean mile world record while beating Paul. That’s called getting two things done at once.

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