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Meet the woman whose Strava art is exclusively phallic

A wrong turn while running turned into a hashtag and a three-year long tradition for Claire from New Jersey

Claire of New Jersey is an avid runner whose Strava art has caught our attention. She runs a lot and creates Strava maps that draw the outline of penises on every run she posts. She goes by dick_run_claire on Instagram. 

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According to her Instagram, this tradition began three years ago by accident and has continued since. Claire flew to see her brother for Thanksgiving and went out for a run. Claire was in a new city, and planned out a route but took a wrong turn. When she came home and looked at her map, she saw what her route had accidentally drawn. On November 27, 2015 #dickrun was born. See below for some of her most popular Strava art. 








H/t to Citius Mag

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