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Meghan Markle: The next royal family runner

Fingers crossed we'll be seeing Meghan Markle toe the start line with members of the royal family in the future


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With news of her engagement to Prince Harry dominating headlines in mainstream media this week, it’s pretty safe to say that Meghan Markle is going to be one of the most chattered about women of 2018. We’re already taken by her impressive resume (she has not only a successful acting career but also does work for the UN and founded the site The Tig) and her self-care and fitness routine just makes us love her even more. 

Carving out the time to take care of both mind and body is essential. Between shooting, travelling and running her lifestyle site (now discontinued) Markle makes sure to stay in shape through running. 

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This next addition to the royal family who calls Toronto home, has been quoted in a number of media outlets describing her relationship with running. Where some runners focus on the times, PBs and goal races, Markle goes for a breezy run for the meditative experience. 

In an interview with Best Health magazinethis Suits star said she works out regularly and not just to keep trim. She’ll regularly head to the gym and yoga studio but also goes running. Often, she’ll run with her dog. “Being active is my own moving meditation,” she said in her interview with the publication. Elle UK also had a conversation with the star about her exercise routine in which Markle explained that she runs as a way for her to clear her mind and get into a positive head space.  

Blocking off time for exercise is likely something she was raised to do: her mother, Doria Ragland, is a actually a yoga instructor as well as a psychotherapist. 

The buzz around Markle will likely be at its prime now through to May of 2018 when she’s set to marry Prince Harry. The wedding will be in St. George’s Chapel in the Windsor Castle. The royal family has made their love of running known many times before. In the past, Prince Harry, William and Kate Middleton have even had a friendly race between themselves. We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing Markle toe the line with the trio in the future.