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Melbourne versus Toronto with Canadian 5,000m champion Andrea Seccafien

Seccafien hasn't been home since leaving for Australia nine months ago, and in honour of her homecoming we created the game Melbourne versus Toronto


Andrea Seccafien, 2016 Canadian national champion over 5,000m, is back in Canada for the Canadian Track and Field Championships next weekend. Seccafien relocated from Toronto to Melbourne, Australia last September and joined the world class training group, Melbourne Track Club. 

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Seccafien hasn’t been home since leaving nine months ago, and in honour of her homecoming we created the game Melbourne versus Toronto. Here are her answers:

Coffee – Melbourne versus Toronto?

Andrea Seccafien: Oh my gosh, Melbourne is in a league of its own. My favourite place is called Maker, and it’s actually owned by a Canadian from Oakville, Ont. 

Weather – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: Melbourne, 100 per cent. We don’t have winter there. Actually, I’ll probably never see winter again, because my training group goes to Europe during the Australian winter. 

Housing – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: Toronto, which is shocking, but the housing market is Melbourne is insane. Honestly, they’re both terrible – it’s a race to the bottom for this one. 

Transit System – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: This question is tricky, because they’re very different. Melbourne has trams in the city which are terrible. But outside of the city there are metropolitan trains which are great. Essentially, going a long way in Melbourne is easy, but a local commute is difficult. There’s no such thing as underground transportation, which is what makes inner-city transportation hard. That being said, I do like the metropolitan trains, so Melbourne wins this one. 

Training facilities – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: In Melbourne we have a grass track which I love. We run a lot on grass – I almost never run on concrete anymore. Our long run is also quite nice. Unfortunately, because I’m not Australian, I can’t get into the high performance gym with the rest of my teammates, so that’s difficult. But all-in-all, there are more grassy places, so Melbourne wins. 

Restaurants – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: They’re both big food cities, but my favourite places are still in Toronto. I love Rasa on Harbord St. in Toronto so much. However, the Japanese in Melbourne is next level, and if you want avocado toast Melbourne has you covered. This one is a tie. 

Beer – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: Toronto for the win. I love Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto. In Australia beer in very highly taxed, so to go out for a pint you’re going to pay roughly $15. In Toronto it’s more affordable and there’s a better craft beer culture. 

Style – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: Toronto wins for sure. In Melbourne there’s a bit of a uniform: black jeans, jean jackets, and black boots. There’s a more diverse and interesting style in Toronto. 

Beaches – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: Melbourne, hands down. This needs no explanation. 

Friendliness – Melbourne versus Toronto?

AS: Canadians are so polite and friendly. Toronto wins this one easily. 

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