Beer miler Corey Bellemore, joggler Michal Kapral get Topps trading cards

We've seen it all as Canadian runners are getting face time on Topps trading cards

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Two of Canada’s world record holders have their own limited edition trading cards.

Corey Bellemore, beer mile world record holder, and joggling extraordinaire Michal Kapral are featured on recently-released trading cards. Topps, which produces sports trading cards, collectibles and memorabilia, produced the cards under the Allen & Ginter collection, one of Topps’ best-selling collections. The Allen & Ginter cards are notable because the designs are hand painted.

“[The cards] are part of a special collection that Topps releases every year,” says sports marketing and management executive Kris Mychasiw. “Cards are limited edition.”

Bellemore, one of Canada’s rising middle-distance runners, holds the men’s beer mile world record at 4:34.35. Meanwhile, Kapral, former editor and regular contributor with Canadian Running, holds numerous world records for running and juggling, a niche category known as joggling. One his most notable records is running a marathon in 2:50:12 while juggling three beanbags.

Take a look at the designs below. (Plus, the cards are autographed.)

Corey Bellemore

Corey Bellemore and Michal Kapral