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VIDEO: Michal Kapral’s latest joggling exploits will make you dizzy

World renowned joggler Matt Feldman joined Kapral for a running and five-ball juggling workout at the University of Toronto

Michal Kapral

First, it was no balls. Then, it was three balls. Now, Michal Kapral runs while juggling five balls.

The Toronto runner, who holds multiple world records for running and juggling, has his sights set on another milestone this fall at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He wants to run the marathon juggling five bean bags.

To prepare for that day, Kapral, former editor of Canadian Running, recently joined Matt Feldman for a workout session at the University of Toronto. Feldman, a PhD researcher in computer engineering at Stanford University, is famous for his five-ball joggling.

“Matt’s YouTube videos of his world records for the five-ball 400m, mile and 5K were my inspiration to go after the five-ball joggling marathon record,” Kapral says. “He showed me that with nice high tosses, you can time the five-ball juggling pattern to the running stride. I was the first juggling runner he ever heard about, so it was pretty cool to meet up in Toronto for a training joggle.”

According to Kapral, Feldman has done a five-ball joggling 400m in 70 seconds, the mile (1,609m) in 6:33 and 5,000m in 27:06. In this story’s featured video, Feldman does a 100m while juggling five balls in approximately 16 seconds.

“It was quite the scene with two guys running side-by-side and 10 balls flying around,” Kapral recalls. “A couple of the University of Toronto varsity football coaches came up to meet us. When I told them that Matt was the world record holder, they tried to recruit him to the football team, saying they needed someone with that kind of dexterity.”