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A Milan chef and artist is creating “shoeshi”, mini sneaker sculptures of salmon and rice

Your favourite running shoes now exist in sushi form...

An Italian artist and restaurant owner just brought sushi to a whole new level with his Instagrammable “shoeshi” creations. 

Yujia Hu is a sushi restaurant owner based in Milan. Evidently, he’s also rather talented at creating bite-sized replicas of Nike shoes made from rice and raw salmon. It’s a rare ability to have discovered, yes, but we’re just glad he did. The chef/ artist makes sushi to order from his venue in Milan but started to stand out more when he began varying things up a little. He went from making traditional looking maki and sushi orders to creating portraits of famous athletes. He followed that hobby up by making bite-sized Nike shoe pieces of sushi. The reason why he’s taken to Nike footwear especially? The logo is simple to recreate. 

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As if that idea isn’t fantastic on its own, Hu has a sense of humour about his “shoeshi” pieces. Since he models them off of actual sneaker designs (many of them are Nike basketball shoes but he has done several models of Adidas running footwear as well) his inspiration has been given a real name by each footwear brand. Hu, however, has added a little twist to these shoe names giving them a little Japanese cuisine-inspired spin-off. For example: “The North Rice”, “Salmon Ultra Boost” and “Nike Vapor Rice.” 


Now we just have to wait for this trend to hit Canadian sushi restaurants. Any takers? 


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