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New Minneapolis mayor may be the world’s fastest politician

Jacob Frey has a 2:16:44 marathon to his name

Jacob Frey

Jacob Frey won a different kind of race recently: the race to be the mayor of Minneapolis.

In previous years, it would be more likely to hear of Frey winning a road race, or a track race. That’s because the 36-year-old is a former professional runner turned politician. As such, the former distance runner and 2:16:44 marathoner may be the world’s fastest politician after officially being sworn into office on Jan. 2. He won the November 2017 city election.

In 2007, Frey finished fourth at the Pan American Games (the same event Toronto hosted in 2015) in Rio de Janeiro and went on to win the 2008 Austin Marathon. He ran professionally for Saucony and represented the United States in international competition.

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Frey’s best period of competitive marathon running came between 2007 and 2008 when he raced at the Pan Am Games, Austin, the 2008 Olympic Trials and the 2008 New York City Marathon, his final competitive road race.