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Most popular running songs and artists of 2021

Spoiler alert: we aren't surprised to see Canadian artists near the top of both lists

Are you curious what songs keep our feet moving and heart rate up while we run? Spotify has released the most popular songs and artists featured in public running playlists this year.

The data was collected from 964 playlists on Spotify that include the word ‘running’ in either the playlist title or description.

Spoiler alert: we aren’t surprised to see Canadian artists near the top of both lists.

Top five songs

1) Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Although this song was released in late-2019, it has continued to soar at the top of running playlists. Its slow start matches your pace at the beginning of your run, and by the time the beat drops and the synthesizer kicks in, you are running to the beat. It is no surprise to us to see this song as number one.

2) Head & Heart – Joel Corry & MNEK

This 2020 British dance hall hit has an upbeat piano chord similar to Blinding Lights to keep your legs moving forward at a steady pace.

3) Roses – SAINt JHN (Imanbek Remix)

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4) The Business – Tiësto

The lyrics say it all, “Let’s get down, let’s get down to business.” The song is about working hard and getting things done. It makes sense why the song is featured on hundreds of running playlists.

5) Your Love – ATB & Topic

This is the only song from 2021 in the top five. This song is a remake of the 1998 hit – 9 PM by ATB. The song maintains 126 beats per minute, which is a perfect steady beat to listen to on easy runs or tempos.

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Top five artists

Despite having the number one track for running, The Weeknd does not make an appearance in the top five most popular artists. David Guetta headlines the lists as the most popular artist for running.

Out of the 964 running playlists, there are over 1,000 David Guetta songs. Toronto’s very own, Drake holds down the third spot, featured in over 80 per cent of playlists.

1) David Guetta

2) Calvin Harris

3) Drake

4) Kanye West

5) Tiësto