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New 24-hour treadmill record set by Norwegian ultrarunner

Bjørn Tore Taranger breaks a record once held by Canada's own Dave Proctor

Norwegian ultrarunner Bjørn Tore Taranger, 39, has broken the 24-hour treadmill record.

Earlier this month Taranger ran 264.5K, more than three kilometres better than the previous record, which was set by Luca Turrini of Australia last year. It translates to an average pace of 5:26 per kilometre, maintained over 24 hours. Before going for Turrini’s record, Taranger first surpassed the Norwegian treadmill-running record of 240K.

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The heavily tattooed ultrarunner plays the drums in a punk band when not setting extreme running records. Taranger’s record-breaking run took place in Bergen, Norway (Taranger’s home town) on October 11-12.

According to a story in Fast Running, Taranger has a 24-hour personal best of 257.6K off the treadmill. He finished 10th in the 2017 24-hour World Championships in Belfast, Ireland. 

Canada’s Dave Proctor, whose cross-Canada run attempt earlier this year was curtailed by a back injury, held this very record in 2016, running 260.4K.