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News of U.S. presidential election win interrupts Kamala Harris mid-run

The vice president-elect had to stop her run to give Joe Biden a call after hearing the news that they had won the election

Photo by: Twitter/KamalaHarris

On Saturday, the U.S. presidential election was called, with Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, taking the win. The election night was on Tuesday, but due to mail-in ballots, it was well known that the results wouldn’t be determined for several days, and so Biden and Harris continued with their day-to-day activities as they awaited the final tally. It just so happened that Harris was out for a run when she heard the news that she and Biden had won, and she took a quick pit-stop to call the president-elect and congratulate him on the big win. The running community took note of Harris’s mid-run call (which she recorded), and everyone is loving it.

Running mates and running buddies 

Harris wasn’t definitely on a run, but runners on Twitter are all assuming that’s what she was doing at the time of the recording. After all, she was in running gear, and her headphones can be seen in her hand. She was probably out for a morning run when her phone started to blow up with news of the election results, and since she had plenty of staff with her (bodyguards can be seen in the background of her video), she was able to get someone to film her call with Biden

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While running Twitter can’t stop talking about Harris’s running, a video of Biden has also caught the attention of runners. As he made his way out to deliver a speech in Delaware on Saturday night, Biden jogged to meet Harris. Sure, it was just for a few seconds, but the ultrarunning community was talking about his form afterward, with one Twitter user saying it is “legit ultra-worthy.” Another runner on Twitter joked that Biden won the election “like a marathoner. Negative split, last 6-mile surge. So it’s only fitting he shows it off on stage.” 

Biden and Harris still have a few months to go before they officially take over in the White House, so maybe they’ll use their free time to train for and run a race. It probably won’t happen, but it would be pretty cool to see Harris line up for a virtual marathon or Biden running a backyard ultra

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