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Nick Symmonds vs. Mount Everest

The two-time Olympian and World silver medalist may be facing his toughest opponent yet

Nick Symmonds

Nick Symmonds announced yesterday that he will attempt to climb Mount Everest with the launch of his newest project; Mile to Moutain. If Symmonds is successful, it will make him the first person ever to run a sub-four minute mile and reach the peak of Everest.


This morning I announced my intention to climb Mount Everest. I will use the skills I learned from two decades of competitive running to accomplish this goal. Hard work, sacrifice, and determination took me far on the track, I’m hoping they will also take me high on the mountain. Just as it took me years to prepare to be an Olympian, it will take me years to prepare for Everest. I’ve outlined my journey to the top of the world at MileToMountain.com. Thank you for following me on this new adventure! . . . . . #mountaineering #mountains #mountainclimbing #mountaineer #mountaintop #mountainadventures #adventureseekers #sevensummits #everest #nowclimbing #mounteverest #optoutside #takeahike #hiking #hike #getoutdoors #staywild #miletomountain

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Running under four minutes in the mile and climbing Everest were both considered impossible until May 29th 1953. On that day Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to successfully climb Everest. Less than a year later, Roger Bannister became the first person to ever run under four minutes in the mile. Before Bannister and Hillary, these two challenges were thought to be beyond the capability of the human body. 


Since Hillary and Norgay there have been roughly 50 Canadians to reach the peak of Everest. The first documented success story was Laurie Skreslet of Calgary in 1982. 

Roger Bannister, who died just 8 weeks ago at age 88, started the famous sub four minute mile club. The time of 3:59.99 and under has become a gold standard for middle distance runners. Only 55 Canadians have joined the club. Symmonds ran 3:59.68 over a mile in 2015 to officially join the exclusive group. 



The Run Gum CEO has a history of climbing. Long before track and field, Symmonds was a boy scout who climbed local mountains regularly and set a goal for himself that he would one day climb the seven summits. The seven summits are: Mount Vinson, Mount Kosciuszko, Puncak Jaya, Mount Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Denali, Aconcagua, and Mount Everest. Of those seven summits, Everest is the highest. The two-time Olympian and World silver medalist over 800m has officially announced his retirement from the sport of track and field. Climbing the seven summits would make Symmonds the first person to ever conquer Everest and run a sub four minute mile. He feels he has accomplished what he needs to in the sport of track and field, and this is his new goal. 

You can follow Symmond’s journey on youtube and instagram.