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Nick Symmonds’ wildest running records

The former Olympian tries some pretty unique running challenges

Nick Symmonds Photo by: Instagram/Run Gum

If you’re familiar with Nick Symmonds, you know that he wears many hats. He’s a two-time Olympian, a world championships medallist and a CEO. Since retiring from professional running, he has built a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers where he posts his wacky world record attempts, some of which he’s failed miserably at, and some of which he’s triumphed at. He may never have a World Athletics record on the track, but he’ll always have these unorthodox results to brag about. Check out some of his latest records and attempts if you want to see some funny runs.

Stilts mile

Result: Unsuccessful

Earlier in May, Symmonds tried to beat the mile world record of 3:43.13 on a pair of jump stilts. This was of course never going to happen, but he still gave it a shot and tried to see how quickly he could cover the 1,609m. After several falls, though, he called it quits, abandoning any hope of a record run.

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400m in crocs

Result: Successful

In January, Symmonds set the world record for fastest 400m in a pair of crocs. This sounds ridiculous (and it is), but Symmonds ran an unbelievable time of 54.64 seconds. That’s a fast time in spikes, but to do it in crocs makes it way more impressive.

Running with a full stomach

Result: Unsuccessful

The most disgusting of record attempts is Symmonds’ Big Mac mile, which he ran with two other YouTubers, AJ Lapray and Tanner Morgan. Each of them had to eat four Big Macs and run four laps of the track, and although Symmonds was a faster runner than them, he couldn’t eat as quickly, and Morgan beat him by a few metres, taking the world record in 13:37.

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Basketball mile

Result: Successful

In August 2019, Symmonds took his basketball to the track to set the world record for fastest mile while dribbling a basketball. He ran a 5:29 mile, which is 3:24 per kilometre pace—a pretty quick time, considering he had to focus on keeping his dribble in front of him the entire run. The record has been lowered twice since then, and it now sits at a blazing-fast 4:37, but for a short while, Symmonds owned this world record.

Photo: Instagram/nicksymmonds

Ski boot sprint

Result: Successful

On another occasion in 2019, Symmonds combined running with another sport, although instead of basketball, this time he chose skiing. He ran 100m in 13.71 to beat the previous ski boot sprint world record of 14.09. In the description for this video, he wrote, “For 20 years I chased world records on the track, never got a single one. Who knew all I had to do was put on a pair of ski boots?” Anyone who skis knows how hard it is to walk in those chunky, stiff boots, so imagine how difficult it must be to do an all-out sprint in them.

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If you like these odd records, you’ll be able to see a lot more if you follow Symmonds on YouTube, because it doesn’t look like he’ll stop trying new challenges any time soon.