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Nijel Amos is trying to sell his 2012 Olympic silver medal

The third fastest 800m runner in history has reportedly incurred $67,000 in legal fees around his doping ban

Nijel Amos Photo by: Erik van Leeuwen

One week after Botswana’s Nijel Amos was handed a three-year ban for doping, he is now selling the Olympic silver medal he won in the 800m at the London 2012 Olympics.

Nijel Amos
Botswana’s Nijel Amos at the 2021 Sound Running The Track Meet in Irvine, Calif. Photo: Kevin Morris

Amos’ reason for selling his Olympic medal is to support his family. According to the BBC, the 29-year-old met with someone who wants to buy it for 4.5m Botswanan pula (USD $300,000), but Amos believes the value of his medal will double with the release of his upcoming documentary on Netflix, to be released later this year.

He finished second in the 800m behind world record holder David Rudisha of Kenya, making him the first Botswanan to win an Olympic medal in any event. Amos holds the third-fastest 800m time in history (1:41.73), and is one of only five men who have gone under 1:42. 

The 800m runner was initially suspended in July 2022 after an out-of-competition test revealed a banned metabolic modulator, GW1516. Amos faced a four-year ban, but it was reduced to three years after he signed a letter of admission.

However, he is still fighting the case. “It has been a financially draining process,” Amos said in a statement. He has reportedly incurred $67,000 in legal fees and travel expenses.

Nijel Amos
Photo: Erik van Leeuwen/WC

Amos said it is difficult to survive in Botswana, where athletes are not given pensions or any lump sum insurance payouts.

GW1516 was originally developed to treat obesity and diabetes but is not approved for human use, since it was discovered to be carcinogenic. It is banned in and out of competition, and not eligible for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE).

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