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Only two men in the world have joggled a sub-3 marathon

Can you run a sub-3 marathon? How about while juggling?

Michal Kapral

If you’ve been chasing the sub-3 marathon dream, imagine running a sub-3 marathon while juggling. Only two people in the world have ever done this, and one of them (naturally) is joggling marathon world record-holder Michal Kapral, who tweeted some marathon-joggling lore on Sunday after his friend Michael Bergeron failed to break the 5,000m joggling world record (he came up eight seconds short). The other is Zach Warren, and between him and Kapral, they’ve done it no fewer than eight times.

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Kapral says: “I posted that after Zach and I texted back and forth reminiscing about our years of friendly battling for the joggling marathon record.”

Here’s the breakdown:


Warren: Boston Marathon 2006 (2:58), Philadelphia Marathon 2006 (2:52-WR), Salt Lake City Marathon 2007 (2:57). Warren’s 2:52 world record from Philadelphia in 2006 was eclipsed by Kapral’s 2:50 performance in Toronto in 2008.

Kapral: 2006 Toronto Waterfront Marathon (2:57), Salt Lake City Marathon 2007 (2:53), Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2008 (2:50-WR), Trapline Marathon 2008 (2:59), Chicago Marathon 2016 (2:55).

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Kapral quips: “Zach Warren, a Ph.D. in laughter research, estimates our eight sub-3 joggling marathons generated about 30,000 smiles or laughs from spectators, an excellent ROI in reducing cortisol levels. Joggling as a preventive health initiative.”

In October 2018, Bergeron ran 1:17:09 to break Kapral’s previous world half-marathon joggling record at the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. (Kapral’s previous record was 1:20:40.) Bergeron also holds the 10K joggling record (35:36), set at the Navy 10K in Halifax on August 19, 2018.

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For some time now, Kapral has been training at juggling five balls, rather than three. So far no one has run farther than 5K while juggling five objects. He plans to contest the five-ball joggling 10K world record this fall. He adds that “Zach Warren suggested I try for the five-ball joggling marathon again in 2021 [he tried last year and made it 17 kilometres]. I told him maybe, but only if he does one as well. He said he’ll start practising. So maybe our joggling rivalry isn’t quite done yet.”