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Ontario and Quebec runners embrace two feet of snow

Kudos to all runners who headed out to brave the conditions

Photo by: @mikejcw / Twitter

Ontario and Quebec were hit with upwards of 60 cm of snow on Jan. 17, creating headaches for many commuters across the provinces, with major highways temporarily closed in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Although the police warned people to avoid unnecessary travel, it did not stop many runners from heading out to experience the unusual and fun conditions.


The snow did not stop professional trail runner Mathieu Blanchard and his friend from getting in some hills and cross-training around Montreal’s Parc de Mont-Royal.

UTMB third-place finisher Mathieu Blanchard (left) embracing the blizzard in Montreal. Photo: Mathieu Blanchard/Strava

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The snowploughs are out to clear Mont-Royal for runners, walkers and tourists. Photo: Amanda Weil / Strava


This Toronto runner tried to leave for his run through his back gate (see the fourth slide). He was welcomed by over two feet of snow, which prevented him from getting into the front yard.

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