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Pete Kostelnick runs 10,000 miles in 2018, gets cake from Strava

Ultrarunner Pete Kostelnick logged over 10,000 running miles on Strava in 2018. So Strava sent him–what else? a kudos cake

Transamerica record-holder Pete Kostelnick received an orange cake in the shape of the Strava kudos symbol (a thumbs-up) for running 10,000 miles (16,000K) in 2018. Around half of those he accumulated on an Alaska-to-Florida run completed in November. And earlier this month he participated in the Desert Solstice run in Phoenix, Ariz. (the same race where Camille Herron broke the 24-hour world record as well as the American 100-mile record), racking up another 100.91 miles.

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As Strava helpfully points out, Kostelnick averaged more than 27 miles (43.2K) for every single day of the year.

Looks like he actually completed the milestone on Thursday with a 3.22K run in his home town of Brunswick, Ohio. By yesterday, he had 10,024 miles.

Photo: Strava

Kostelnick’s next challenge will be the FASTTrack24 on January 20, another 24-hour track race, this time in Palatka, Florida.

Kostelnick is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE and Squirrel’s Nut Butter.