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Pete Kostelnick to finish 8,614K run from Alaska to Key West on November 5

American ultrarunner spent many days running through Western Canada

Pete Kostelnick, 31, of Hannibal, Missouri, is just five days away from completing a 8,614-kilometre, self-supported run from Kenai, Alaska to Key West, Florida, pushing his gear in a jogging stroller. Kostelnick is best known as the ultrarunner who holds the record for the fastest on-foot crossing of the US, which he finished in October 2016 in 42 days, six hours and 30 minutes. The project was called Pete’s Feet Across America. His current journey began on August 1.

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Day 49 complete Starting point: Davidson, SK Stopping Point: Moose Jaw, SK Today’s miles: 68.6 Total miles: 2,633.4 I was getting used to cold, overcast weather, so I started the day early out of deadsville (Davidson) with gloves on. Pretty soon, though, I was the kid at recess in March still wearing a parka and snow pants, and was back in a singlet and shorts groove. After some tense two way traffic from miles 25-35 due to construction (watch out for oversize loads using the shoulder, because they have nowhere to go!), I made it to Chamberlain. A tiny town with everything I could want, including a deli and ice cream stand. Ice cream first, and saved the sandwich for crossing Buffalo Pound Lake. A lot of today reminded me of my beloved western Nebraska. So many great landscapes a phone can’t capture very well. After my brief walking picnic, Zeus must have decided I was having too easy of a day. The rain came quick, and naturally I hurried it up a bit. As I got closer to Moose Jaw, I realized that the storm was mostly in front of me… I don’t like to wait out storms, but my pace slowed. Chris came over from Regina with his wife Katherine and he ran me into Moose Jaw the last 7-8 miles. It was great having good company to end another long day. At some point tomorrow, I’ll hit the half way point to Key West. Song of the day: Damon Dotson-Miles #timetofly @hokaoneone #HOKAclifton #HOKAbondi #chafesafe @squirrelsnutbutter_anti_chafe #Ke2Key

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Kostelnick also holds the men’s course record in the Badwater 135 ultramarathon  (21:56:32), also set in 2016.

Kostelnick has averaged more than two marathons per day throughout the trip. He plans to arrive in Key West, if all goes well, on Monday, November 5. His latest Instagram post reads as follows:

“With the November 5 finish looming next Monday in Key West, I’d be lying if a countdown hasn’t begun. This run has been all about “counting up” and not counting down to me, so I honestly don’t know or care how far I have left, other than six days to go. My “A” goal was to finish in under 100 days, and it looks like I’ll do that. “B” was two marathons averaged per day, “C” was 50+ miles averaged, and “D” was “just finish.” Song of the day: Shiny Toy Guns-Major Tom

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Day 70 complete Starting Point: Davenport, IA Stopping Point: Galesburg, IL Today’s miles: 53.2 Total miles: 3,810.9 Slept in a little this morning, and headed over to the Days Inn lobby for some quick breakfast. As I walked in, I saw Jodi and Dyl waiting for me, and I couldn’t have been happier. While eating breakfast, Dan Austin walked in and it just got better. Dan used to live in Boone and has a daughter I ran cross country with, and two stud running sons in Brogan and Chandler that I like to brag about being fellow Boone High alums. As we ran through a nice warm, humid Florida-like morning, we picked up Bonnie Busch, one of the most legendary ultrarunners I’ve wanted to meet. She ran the Hennepin 100, probably her 123rd 100+ mile race this weekend, and didn’t seem to care. Kenny joined as we crossed the Mighty Mississippi into Illinois. There wasn’t a sign showing we had made it to Illinois, but it should have said “Welcome to the land of bad drivers and failing infrastructure.” Terry and I shared some good miles, talking all things marathon and Pikes Peak. Dyl joined me on and off all day, and Jason, Brian, and Lucas also jumped in on the busy but rough shouldered roads. Jason brought his family down from Joliet and gave me a boost as we talked about all good things of endurance sports, and left me with a cross country shirt from the school he coaches at. Brian is former Marine knocking off state after state from North Carolina to California on foot, as time allows for fellow soldiers. Lucas brought his stroller and his son from Bloomington to stroll with me for awhile. Pretty hot day with decent headwinds, but having Jodi and Dyl’s presence made it doable. They’ve been family to me over the years with Dyl’s brother Beau and their dad Dave. They’ve seen lots of ups and downs with my running, and today was another chapter. Song of the day: 38 Special-Hold On Loosely #timetofly @hokaoneone #HOKAclifton #HOKAbondi #chafesafe @squirrelsnutbutter_anti_chafe #Ke2Key

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Kostelnick has documented his trip on Twitter and Instagram. Much of the journey has taken place in Western Canada. On August 29, passing through Buckinghorse River, B.C., he wrote:

“Today was the most miserable conditions of the entire run. Rain fell consistently all day. It was cold. Winds came. Caught waves of water from trucks, semis, campers, and RVs. The water spinning off the stroller tires onto my feet and legs. The potholes in construction to cap off the day. Rumble strips (thankfully not many) resembling endless ice trays. It’ll all be worth it in sunny, warm Key West. I don’t technically have a place to stay here in Buckinghorse River since it’s booked for construction crews. I’ll figure something out. Sitting in the restaurant at a table with three construction workers, warming up. Tomorrow is an easy day anyway. Song of the day: Audioslave-I Am the Highway”