#Toronto Beermile. Spring 2016 edition. About to get started…

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There was a large crowd of runners at the Toronto beer mile on Saturday evening, the largest-ever turnout at the event. A beer mile involves drinking one beer, and running one lap of a 400m track, a total of four times. Approximately 75 people were in attendance.

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The men;s winning time on Sunday was 6:12 and and the women’s winning time was 7:57. Photos of the winners can be found below in the album.

The world record is 4:47 held by Canadian Lewis Kent, who lives in nearby London, Ont. Kent, unfortunately, did not make an appearance at the beer mile on Saturday evening. American Erin O’Hara holds the women’s world record of 6:08.

Video of the start can be seen below:

The start of the Toronto Beer Mile on Saturday evening. Things got messy ?. #canadianrunning #beermile

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The basic rules are the beer must be 355 ml and be five per cent alcohol. The beer must be consumed before the lap is started, and takes place in a 10-metre zone before the finish line. Beer cannot be opened in advance and if a competitor vomits, he or she must do an extra “penalty lap” (a fifth beer is not required, however).

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The beer mile has grown increasingly popular the previous two years and peaked earlier this year with Kent appearing on Ellen, where he earned a one year supply of beer of his choice, Amsterdam Blonde.

Photos from the Toronto beer mile

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