With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be planning a date for you and your special someone. Runners are a ton of fun, but there are certain tendencies that make planning a date with a runner a little complicated. Here are some environments that most runners don’t thrive in. 

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A fancy small-plate restaurant 

If you’re planning a dinner date, make sure the portions are decent at the restaurant you’re going to. If you know in advance that you’re going to a nice French bistro, give your date fair warning so they can do the ancient runner ritual known as pre-eating. 

A place without a bread basket

Even worse than a very fancy small-plate restaurant is a restaurant that doesn’t bring a bread basket. The bread basket allows a runner to consume more filling calories for free, and also ensure that they don’t get too hungry before the appetizers come. 

Something that requires a lot of walking 

An experiential date is lovely–think of all of the memories you’ll make. But if your date is in the middle of training for their spring marathon, they won’t be wanting to walk all over the place. 

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Runners don’t go on brunch dates, they go eat a ton of food with their training partners after their long runs. 

A place that isn’t running shoe appropriate 

Typically, if the spot you’ve chosen is going to be a hit, it’ll be running shoe appropriate. Don’t worry, I’m sure your date will wear their fancy running shoes, but they’ll still be wearing running shoes. 

An exercise class

Runners like running, not exercising. This is a common misconception. While doing something together is a great idea, pitching a runner on exercise that isn’t part of their training plan can be a tough sell. 

A really late night

Especially if they’re in the middle of a heavy training cycle, most runners will become a little quiet past 10 p.m. If you were thinking that a really late dinner or show would be romantic, reconsider. Eat at normal-people hours. Your date will appreciate it. 

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