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Pro cyclist and casual runner drops mind-blowing 5K in 13:25

Despite only running a few kilometres a week, Tom Pidcock managed to beat Mo Farah's 5K road PB by a whopping five seconds

Photo by: Instagram/tompidcock

Some people can just do it all. Michael Jordan was a basketball star, sure, but he played professional baseball as well. Jeff Bezos built Amazon, one of the world’s most successful companies, and he’s also jacked. And it turns out that Tom Pidcock, a top British cyclist, can run like the wind. In a recent post on Instagram, Pidcock gave the world a preview of his innate running ability, showing off a video of him on his way to an incredible 5K PB of 13:25. That’s an amazing result, and we haven’t been this impressed by a new runner since Brittany Spears ran 100m in 5.97 seconds to annihilate the world record.

“If you shake the camera so I’m not in focus it’ll look like I’m running faster.” Photo: Instagram/tompidcock

Most people in Pidcock’s position wouldn’t have hesitated to share their accomplishment with the world. Not Pidcock, though, as he ran his 5K PB (which can be seen on Strava) back in December and modestly waited to post about it on social media until a few days ago. He wrote that he originally went out hoping to run a sub-15-minute 5K, but he “did a 13:25,” adding that “apparently this is very quick.”

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Doubters and naysayers swarmed Pidcock immediately, commenting on his post and saying he was a liar, but these attacks were baseless, as all the evidence needed is on Strava. Looking at his splits, it’s clear that Pidcock is an exceptional runner, but he still has a lot to learn when it comes to pacing. He ran four sub-2:50 kilometres to kick off his time trial, but he faded significantly in the final stretch, closing in 3:23. His hot start made up for his slow finish, though, and he hit 5K in 13:25.

Think about that — this man ran 13:25 for 5K and didn’t even pace himself properly. Imagine if he had started out conservatively — he could have gone sub-13:20. Plus, he doesn’t even run that often. According to his Strava page, his weekly mileage is about 3K. 


For context, Pidcock’s shiny new PB is just five seconds off the British 5K record of 13:20, which Marc Scott (a man whose only job is to run fast) set in 2020, and it’s five seconds faster than Mo Farah‘s best 5K on the road. On less than 5K of running per week, Pidcock beat Farah, a four-time Olympic gold medallist, at his own game. 

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For anyone still doubting the legitimacy of this achievement, you’re all about to have egg on your face, because Pidcock has said he plans on validating his result with another time trial soon. You’re all going to look so foolish when that happens. 

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