Pro runners as Pop-Tart flavours

This tweeter went to some trouble to pair US track runners with their corresponding flavour

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In a bit of Twitter fun, the @RTCPod account found a way to classify some of America’s favourite pro runners according to which of the 27 flavours of Pop-Tart they most resemble. (Savour the delicious irony of professional athletes being paired up with the corn-syrup-and-palm-oil-laced confection.)

Sydney McLaughlin, is, appropriately enough when you consider her kit from the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, Mint Chocolate Chip.

Steepler Emma Coburn is Red, White & Berry.

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Middle distance runners Nick Symmonds and Shelby Houlihan are Caesar Salad (what??) and Red Velvet, respectively.

There are more, but you get the picture. Amelia Boone, possibly the biggest Pop-Tarts fan in the running world, seems to have somehow escaped notice, probably because she’s not a track star–she’s a former OCR crusher who has switched to the trails. Keith Dunn, aka @TheRealKeith, tweeter of the only 100 per cent reliable Barkley Marathons updates, pointed this out, and @RunBrinksyRun obliged with the classification of a mud-spattered Boone as Chocolate Strawberry. Perfect.

Are these flavours even available in Canada? Never mind, you can get anything on Amazon these days.