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Quarantine track meet videos are popular on social media

Track and field athletes are finding ways to keep busy while stuck in their homes

Usain Bolt

With everyone staying at home and quarantining, boredom is probably close to an all-time high for some people. To combat the monotony of home life, there have been many challenges created on social media. A lot of these are variations of sports, like playing keep up with a roll of toilet paper or shooting socks into a garbage, and track and field athletes have jumped on the trend, starting social distancing track meets.

Some people hurdle their couches, others pass banana relay batons, and everyone has fun. These at-home meets may not actually give people a good workout, and they aren’t as good as real races, but they’re good for passing the time. With the setup and teardown of their meet “venues,” plus the video editing (picking the right music, piecing together the different events and maybe even performing multiple takes), the whole affair probably keeps the athletes busy for a while.

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Taking it outside

For now, you don’t have to stay inside to perform your at-home meet. In the video below, there are both indoor and outdoor events. Give it a try, you’ll probably be happy to get outside for a sprint.

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Isolation-buddy races


If you’ve got someone in isolation with you who’s up for it, why not get them involved? You can have time trials or one-on-one races to see who’s the fastest in the house.

Everyone can get into it

When we say everyone can be involved, we mean everyone, pets included. Get your dogs, cats and any other pets into the spirit and pass the time with an animal track meet.

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