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Quitters’ Day: Why Strava thinks you’re about to give up your resolution

Ways to keep motivation high as we hit the mid-January slump

January 19 is the day when Strava thinks you’re going to fold on your New Year’s resolution. Based on the website’s data, this is the day when most users give up on their fitness goals for 2020. Here’s how to stick it to Strava and show that you’re more than a statistic (and also maintain your resolution).


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Find a buddy

You’re way more likely to continue with an exercise routine if you have someone keeping you accountable. Find a buddy with a similar schedule and try to coordinate a couple workouts a week.

Schedule a race

Having a race on the books can encourage training. If you’ve put something in the calendar, a date you have to be ready by, that can provide a little bit of extra motivation.

A resolution revision

A revision is not quitting. If you took on a resolution that you’re now realizing isn’t sustainable, there’s nothing wrong with reconsidering.

For example: you may have committed to something like running 10K every morning, but, we live in Canada and not every winter morning is runnable (and lots of people don’t own a treadmill). You could revise that resolution to: run 10K four times a week and supplement with a gym workout on the remaining three days.

Don’t be so hard on yourself


If you miss a day, don’t let that derail your entire resolution. You can certainly pick up the next day or a few days later. Life gets busy and sometimes your body needs a day off more than it needs a workout.

Instead of doing a workout, go for a walk over lunch or after work. Move your body a little bit and get back to regularly scheduled programming the next day.