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Runner’s best friend: picking the right dog for running

Want a dog but can't decide on the breed? Here are a few that will hold their own whenever you take them along for a run

If you’re looking for a loyal running buddy who’s always up for a run, no matter how dark, cold or early it is, a dog is the perfect training partner. When you ask a person to join you on a run, they might hem and haw, and when they finally do agree, you have to wait for them to get ready. Just mention the word “run” to your dog and they’ll hop right up and sprint to the door, ready to hit the road.  There are so many dog breeds, and a lot of them make great running partners. Here are a few that you’ll love to have by your side.

German shepherd

German shepherds were bred to herd sheep, and so this powerful dog was born. These dogs are very muscular, and they can run both quickly and for extended periods of time. German shepherds are born to be active, so if you don’t take them on a run often enough, they’ll have a lot of pent-up energy. The only thing more effective than an alarm clock to get you up for your morning run is your super-energetic German shepherd begging you to go exercise.


Labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers are just happy to be alive. They love to hang out with their owners, and if that means going for a run, all the better. They have strong legs, which will help them keep up with you (or maybe even push you harder), and they have great endurance, so you can take them on regular long runs and they won’t slow you down.

New York City Marathon Dog
Photo: martygetstogo/Instagram

Siberian husky

Huskies are built for long, hard runs. Huskies are the go-to breed for sled-racers, and they can run for thousands of miles in frigid temperatures without breaking. This makes huskies a great choice for runners. Not only will you get a running buddy who thrives in the cold (although huskies are fine in warmer temperatures, too), but your pup won’t quit until you decide it’s time to go home.

Jack Russell terrier

Although you might think that their size would be a deterrent, Jack Russell terriers are an excellent choice for a running dog. These little guys can run for a surprisingly long time, and they’re full of energy. Everyone else might bring their big, muscular dogs out for a run, but don’t worry, your Jack Russell won’t have any problem keeping up.