Mollie Tibbetts was a 20 year-old University of Iowa student who vanished while jogging on July 18th. Tibbetts’s body was found near her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa on Tuesday. Since then, thousands of runners have taken to social media in support of Tibbetts and her family. 

The hashtag #MilesforMollie has swept Twitter and Instagram and spurred a conversation about women’s safety while running. The posts communicate that despite this tragedy, women will continue to run and do what they love. 

Instagram user Stephanie (@msrunnerd) said, “I run along busy roads and try to wear eye catching gear, however, it’s always a fear, a possibility. But, when I woke up today, I decided to not let that (or the heat) stop me. My heart breaks for all the women who just want to go for a run and are too scared to do so.”

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Tibbetts was reportedly jogging in a rural area when she was followed by a man in a car. That man has been charged with her murder. 

If we had things our way, running safety would be a non-issue. But as long as certain folks continue to interfere with the agendas of runners, we’ll continue to wrack our brains for the best ways to stay safe and run with confidence. 

If you ever see or experience anything suspicious while on a run, don’t hesitate to contact the police. 

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