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Running in winter as told through pop lyrics

Got the winter blues or need some new tunes to run to? Instead of the regular pop lyrics, try out our winter running ones.

Pop Lyrics

Pop Lyrics
Got the winter blues? Need some new tunes to run to?

If you’re looking to find humour along the dark and icy winter run, download this playlist, but instead of the regular pop lyrics, try out our winter running ones.

1) Is it too late now to say treadmill?

Sorry — Justin Bieber

2) Hello, it’s PB. I was wondering after all these years you’d like to chase after me.

Hello — Adele

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3) Say you’ll remember me, standing in my yak tracks, staring at the icy flats, babe.

Wildest Dreams — Taylor Swift

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4) I’m so sick of that same old route. That sh*t, it tears me up.

Same Old Love — Selena Gomez

5) I can’t feel my face past kilometre two — but I love it, but I love it.

I Can’t Feel My Face — The Weeknd

6) And I know when that Garmin bling, that can only mean one thing.

Hotline Bling — Drake

7) Stop. Wait a minute. Fill my cup, put some water in it. Take a sip, gulp it back. Julio! Time to stretch.

Uptown Funk — Bruno Mars

8) I got leg fatigue, got a lot of leg fatigue. Got a lot of runs planned to drain me of my energy.

Energy — Drake

9) So lift me up when I fall over. Damn this ice keeps getting colder.

Wake Me Up — Avicii

10) And we can’t stop. And we won’t stop. Can’t you see it’s we that own the race? Can’t you see it’s we who ’bout that pace?

Can’t Stop — Miley Cyrus