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Running trends we want to go away in 2019

Thank you, next.

So many amazing things happened in running in 2018. The marathon world record was broken, the Canadian marathon record was broken, the Canadian World Junior team was one of the most competitive we’ve ever sent to a games, and Canadian women are crushing the international distance running scene. 

However, among all of these triumphs, there will always be some failures. We’d like to take the time to point out some of the running trends of 2018 that we hope to shed, heading into the new year. 


Running trends we’d like to see go away in 2019:

Shoes without a heel

Franc Beneyto of FBR claims he has been developing the shoe for five years, and that tests of its shoe with injured runners by the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the University of Valencia delivered favourable results. When he could not get any existing brands interested in the design, he started his own company. The shoe without a heel was inspired by Adharand Finn’s book Running with the Kenyans. 

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The keto diet 

Fat adaptation is a complicated issue, and one that deserves exploration. We’re not saying runners shouldn’t consider fat adaptation as potentially helpful to their training, but the ketogenic diet is pretty extreme, and something we’d be fine to see go. Ketosis is accomplished by restricting carbohydrate intake, usually to around 50g per day, and maximizing fat intake. This means no whole or processed grains, starches or legumes, no fruit or fruit juice, and no baked goods, pasta, sweets, sugar, or alcohol (which, as we all know, is full of sugar), but red meat, fatty fish and other sources of fat are encouraged (provided they don’t also contain sugar).

Socks over tights

Speedy socks! Photo: Andi McLeish.

Socks over tights is very 80’s. It’s a call back to leg warmers, without actually being leg warmers. While crew socks are a trend we’re super into, leave the socks on the inside of the tights. 

Mid-race marriage proposals 

New York City Marathon proposal
Photo: TCS NYC Marathon/Instagram

Runners have proposed to one another at races for a long time. Post-race marriage proposals are great, but mid-race marriage proposals we’re not down for. After someone has worked so hard to achieve a goal, don’t take their thing away by popping the question mid-race–wait until the finish line. After all, you’ve got the rest of your life to spend together. 

Athletic glasses worn as fashion 


Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West brought sunglasses commonly worn by runners into mainstream fashion. Honestly, thought they looked a little intense on the track, and think they look really intense while grabbing coffee in black leather pants. 

The humble brag

Next time you get a personal best, course record, or podium at a race, own it. Gone are the days of making excuses and telling the world why your day wasn’t perfect. Guess what? There is no such thing as a perfect race. So smile through all the highs and lows and high five every volunteer. Regardless of your performance, or how you feel about it, be proud of yourself that you got to the start line. 

Awesome Schitts Creek GIF by CBC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Run streaking

While we really admire a good run streak, there’s also merit to sticking to a long-term plan that’s couched in performance. Runners with a goal race shouldn’t sacrifice their rest day, no matter how trendy the local run streak is.

Streaking Will Ferrell GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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The Strava-obsessed runner

You know that guy that always knows which segment you’re running? Always chasing CRs in group runs? Chases CRs on their 2K run, when you’re out there for 20K? Don’t be that guy in 2019. Strava is great, but don’t make it a contest for every single training run.

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