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Running tweets that didn’t age well

There are always tweets that don't age well, but when the world hits unprecedented times, that really accelerates the aging process

North America is an entirely different place right now than it was a mere three weeks ago. There are always tweets that don’t age well, but when the world hits unprecedented times, that really accelerates the aging process. We’ve all got some social media posts that we’re not entirely proud of, in retrospect, and here are a few running tweets that also haven’t stood the test of time.

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Anything with the hashtag #2020vision

While the Olympics will still be called the Tokyo 2020 Games, they’re not happening in 2020 any more. Here’s to #2020nevision.

Anything about the Olympics going on as planned


Up until March 23, the IOC and Tokyo organizing committee assured athletes that the Games would be going on as planned. Then their tune quickly changed, and within about four days the Games went from business as usual, to postponed to an unknown date, to postponed by one year.

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Complaining about Nike’s Twitter takeover

Remember when Nike was a hot Twitter topic? If runners thought there would never be words more popular than ‘Nike’, ‘Alphafly’ and ‘Vaporfly’ on their Twitter, they were mistaken.

Anyone getting very excited about a race that falls between the dates of March and September 2020

Hang on to that enthusiasm for one more year (also, we hope you didn’t end up making the move).

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Anyone complaining about going for a run

After a long day (in the world as it was) sometimes people didn’t feel like going for a run.

But these days, for most people, their daily run is a big factor in maintaining their sanity during social isolation. We now live in a world where everyone is a run streaker and, ‘I don’t feel like going outside’ has been completely removed from their speech.

Anyone making plans to meet up for a run

Gone (temporarily) are the days of the group run. Welcome to solo-running solidarity.