Take up running and certain discomforts are going to come your way. While shin splints, sore muscles and plantar fasciitis may hog the spotlight of all runner injuries, the blisters that accumulate from kilometres upon kilometres of running are also high up on the list. Skin irritation, unfortunately, is just part of this lifestyle. Run for long enough, and you will see painful blisters in these places. Which are you currently sporting?

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The annoying new-shoe blister

This is hands-down one of the most irritating sensations on the planet. When a pair of new shoes tears up the skin on the heels, even walking becomes painful. When this happens, most runners are trying to remember what it felt like to not have blistered heels. 

The awkward thigh chafe 

That moment when you run a half-marathon and have to deal with inflamed and bright red inner thighs for days after. This is one of the most awkward looking running injuries of all time. Make Vaseline your best friend next time. 

The classic toe inflation

This one’s unavoidable if you’re a runner. Accept the fact that if you run, your toe appearances will be total crap. 

The foot arch irritation 

Similar to the heel blister, this one mainly appears after running in a new pair of kicks for the first time. Hey, if you run, your feet take a battering. Wear the wounds proudly. 

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The “my sunburn’s healing!” bubbles

Be careful on the trails… and not just of the wildlife. Skin protection is one of the over-looked precautions in our sport but it is of the utmost importance. Generously apply that sunscreen to avoid this category of blister. 

The mighty ball-of-foot balloon

There’s something about this area of the foot that just always seems to be blistered. Hey, at least it’s a sign of a race well run. Just avoid booking any pedicures… they will be horrified. 

The owie nipster blister

Men in the running scene know this awful injury all to well. If you’ve ever finished a marathon with red blood stains on the shirt, you know the power of band-aids. I.e. nipple armour. 

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