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‘Shoutout Tag’ with up-and-comer Mike Tate

On the brink of becoming the first Nova Scotia runner to break 4:00 in the mile, Mike Tate joins us for a series of shoutout-geared questions

Mike Tate
Mike Tate
Photo: SUU Athletics.

Mike Tate is a fifth-year business administration student and runner at Southern Utah University (the same university Cam Levins attended). Born and raised in Heatherton, N.S., he hopes to become the first Maritimes athlete to break 4:00 in the mile (his current PB is 4:00.07).

In May, he broke the Nova Scotia 5,000m record of 13:36.03 (previously held by Eric Gillis) when he raced to a time of 13:34.28 in Palo Alto, Calif. The 22-year-old has travelled the globe to race, and has represented Canada on the international stage on several occasions. Inevitably, Tate has made a few friends along the way.

Here, we find out what he really thinks of these friends in our first Canadian Running ‘Shoutout Tag,’ where runners answer questions with a shoutout (or two) to a fellow Canadian and cap off the Q&A with who they would like us to feature next.

Alex Cyr: If you were trapped on a desert island with only one other person, who would you pick?

Mike Tate: Corey Bellemore – I’ve been on a couple trips with him, and he’s fun to be around. Plus, he could probably find a way to get us free beers. (Editor’s note: Bellemore is the beer mile world record holder, having completed 1,609m and four beers in 4:33.)

AC: If you were playing in a two vs. two street basketball tournament, who would you want on your team?

MT: Justyn Knight. He’s not a bad basketball player, and he says he would have been a baller if he had not chosen running. I don’t know, he’s got to have some skill, given how much he talks about it.

AC: Who do you think could produce the best rap single?

MT: I’m going to have to cheat here and go off the Canadian map, because this guy is from Las Vegas. My teammate at Southern Utah, George Espino, is a pretty good rapper. He looks like Childish Gambino, too, and it contributes to the illusion.

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AC: Who would you trust to build your house?

MT: Kevin Tree. I think he’s into construction, because I’ve seen some pictures of him building stuff on Facebook. Maybe I should pick an engineer instead…no, I’m going with Kevin.

AC: Who would you like to go on a date with?

MT: Melissa Bishop, even though I know she is married now. I just think she is gorgeous, and I have speed goggles (I am attracted to people who run fast)!

AC: Who do you think still plays Pokemon GO?

MT: Who’s a nerd? Hmm… gotta go with [author of this Q&A] Alex Cyr.

AC: Thanks, but I stopped in August. Next question: it’s your last meal on planet earth, who will you have cook it for you?

MT: Reid Coolsaet because he’s a dad. He should know how to cook by now.

AC: You were raised on a dairy farm. Who would make the best farmhand?

MT: Trevor Hofbauer seems like he would fit in well on a farm. He just seems like a gritty guy. He does well in cross-country – he doesn’t mind getting dirty. Plus, he is probably accustomed to getting up early to log in marathon mileage.

AC: Worst farmhand?

MT: Alex Ullman, because he is a twig and I don’t know if he can lift heavy things. Also, he always looks fresh so I don’t know if shovelling poop would suit him.

AC: Who would you tag to be the star of the next Shoutout Sendoff feature?

MT: Gabriela Stafford is pretty funny. I pick her.

Mike Tate is gearing up for his final indoor and outdoor seasons as a Southern Utah Thunderbird in the U.S.-based NCAA’s Big Sky conference.