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‘Shoutout Tag’ with national team member Nick Falk

The 26-year-old has run 3:40 for 1,500m and competed for Canada at the 2017 IAAF World Cross-Country Championships and Francophone Games

Nick Falk

The second athlete featured in our ‘Shoutout Tag’ series is Windsor, Ont. runner and ex-Windsor Lancer Nick Falk. A PhD student in environmental science, Falk is one of the most consistent post-collegiate runners in the country, having now represented Canada on five occasions. Most recently, he donned the red and white at the 2017 IAAF Cross-Country Championship in Kampala, Uganda.

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Also a threat on the track, Falk holds a PB of 3:40 over 1,500m. The 26-year-old can also solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute, is a stellar guitarist, and was awarded the “eyes to get lost in” award at his high school senior prom.

Here, we find out which other runners this Jack of all trades nominates for various tasks in ‘Shoutout Tag,’ where runners answer questions with a shout-out (or two) to a fellow Canadian and cap off the Q&A with who they would like us to feature next.

Alex Cyr: If you were trapped on a deserted island, who would you want there with you?

Nick Falk: Ryan Brockerville. I met him at the Francophone Games last summer. He has lots of wisdom, so I think he could survive on a deserted island. He is also big, and he would last me a couple weeks if I had to eat him. Plus, he is from Newfoundland and Labrador, and Newfoundlanders are usually entertaining.

AC: You are entering a 2 vs. 2 basketball tournament. Who do you want on your team?


NF: [Former Windsor Lancer] Paul Janikowski or [Canadian national team member and beer mile world record holder] Corey Bellemore, depending on who wins their one-on-one matchup later today.

Done with this race. Not done with the jersey.

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AC: Who would you pick to be in charge of your wardrobe for the next week?

NF: Charles Philibert-Thiboutot – or anyone from Laval, Que. – because they are usually pretty well dressed at the U Sports [Canadian university championships] after parties.

AC: Who do you think could produce the best rap single?

NF: Yves “easy Yves” Sikubwabo. He could rap in three languages, and possibly more.

AC: Who would you trust to build your house?

NF: [2017 Canadian marathon champion] Trevor Hofbauer took electrical engineering in trades college, I think. Is anyone else a tradesperson?

Corey Bellemore (also in the room): What about John Mason?

NF: He’s more like a lumberjack.

CB: No, he builds stuff.

NF: No, Corey. This is my feature. I pick Trevor Hofbauer.

AC: Who would you want to take on a date? Where would you take them?

NF: I have a girlfriend. So the only reason I would take someone on a date would be for interesting conversation. I would pick Natasha Wodak. She probably has a lot of race experience. She also lives out west, and it’s nice there.

AC: Who would you pick to take over your social media game?

NF: Luke Charbonneau. His social media gets a lot of attention – good and bad. Any publicity is good publicity.

AC: It’s your last meal on planet earth, who will you have cook it for you?

NF: Kevin Tree – he has a child. He definitely knows his way around a kitchen.

AC: You are a PhD student in environmental science. Who would you pick to write your thesis for you?

NF: Steve Boyd. He likes to write, and he probably has the time for it.

AC: Who do you tag to be the star of this next feature?

NF: Victoria Coates. I know her well enough for it not to be weird.