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Snapchat teases new augmented-reality running glasses

These glasses will allow you to see and train with virtual training partners, plus experience light-based pacing technology

Snapchat has released a video teasing a few new updates on their augmented-reality (AR) glasses called “Spectacles,” with images and a video of users wearing the glasses on the track and while running.

According to tech website UploadVR, these glasses will allow you to see and train with virtual training partners and experience light-based pacing technologies. The lights will help runners control and follow the speed that they are running. The glasses are also equipped with the standard pace, speed and distance information.

In case you are unfamiliar with augmented reality, it is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images into a user’s view of the real world. Snapchat is known for its AR lenses on phones, which overlay art on users’ selfies.

Currently, the glasses are only available for beta testers and creators. The multi-billion dollar social media company has not announced when these glasses will hit the open market, but UploadVR predicts within five to 10 years.

A pair of Snapchat Spectacles with a lanyard in a yellow charging case. Photo: Danny Robinson/WMC

The Spectacles are a bit heavier than the usual pair of running glasses, coming in at 134 grams, approximately half the weight of a running shoe. While wearing these glasses, you can easily share your experiences with all your friends using the Snapchat app.

There is no doubt that these glasses will be a practical training tool for those looking to run with a virtual friend or hit the right pace in their next race.

We can’t wait for the debates about whether these performance-enhancing glasses will be allowed in your local 5K.